Mastering Pasta: Perfect Pasta Every Time

Welcome to our pasta aficionados’ corner, where we delve deep into the art and science of cooking pasta to perfection. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned home chef, mastering the nuances of pasta preparation can elevate your culinary creations to new heights. In this blog, we’ll share invaluable tips and tricks to help you achieve pasta perfection every time you step into the kitchen.

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7 Ways To Eat Healthy Pasta

Many people mistakenly blame pasta for gaining weight, but that is not entirely true. Well, what if I could tell you that there are ways to eat healthy pasta? What if I could tell you that there are ways to decrease your total carbs intake? Well luckily for you, there are!

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How to season meat like a chef

When seasoning meat, use rock salt rather than table salt. Its larger grains are easier to spread and cling well to the meat’s surface. We recommend using around 1/8 teaspoon of rock salt per serving when a recipe calls for seasoning meat “to taste.” That will encourage your children to eat it especially if roasted or grilled and served with different sauces.

How to keep baked pasta soft

Cover the baked pasta with aluminum foil as the steam hydrates its mixture and minimizes the moisture escaping to the oven, which results in dried baked pasta. If you would like to top with cheese, uncover the pasta, add the cheese and then broil for a couple of minutes just until bubbly.

White sauce made easy

If you are in a hurry and have no time to keep whisking all the ingredients of the white sauce for your pasta or lasagne, you can combine them in a blender! Once mixed well, you can heat the mixture in a pan and just wait till it gets thicker gradually with continuous stirring.

How to ripen avocado correctly

Avocados do not ripen on the tree; instead, they ripen after being harvested. Unripe avocados should be placed in a carton bag outside your fridge for a couple of days to speed up the ripening process. After that, you can add it to your recipes or just eat it with a splash of salt and ground pepper!


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