Innovative Logistics and Product Management Services

Since 1999, Regina food industries has offered cutting-edge logistical and product management services, making it easier to produce high-quality semolina from 100% pure durum wheat. In order to achieve the requisite quality, including breakage resistance and color homogeneity, Regina Company for Pasta and Food Industries has implemented this procedure, focusing on investing in high-standard pasta production lines as well as packaging materials and equipment.

The five-floor mill is equipped with modern milling machinery that is mounted vertically. The milling machinery is set as a vertical assembly line.

The Operation Processes

Milling and pasta production are working on a 24-hour shift.

Complying with international standards has enabled the company to obtain the following certificates:

  • ISO 22000:2005 – wheat milling and production of semolina, food sector (grain products, cereals, biscuit, flour, confectionery, and snack)
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – wheat milling for semolina and flour production
  • BRC Food Certification
Production of wheat flour
Automated food factory make fresh pasta
Modern mill inside, process of making flour from wheat


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