We Are Directed By Our Core Values

Our company’s mission, vision, competencies, and values are an integral part of our culture and the drive for greater efficiency. We hope to create a brand-new era of cutting-edge, smart technologies in food industries in order to achieve sustainability and preserve the environment. That’s why we affirm our commitment and dedication to enhancing food security through our products, which show the utmost respect for nature and its delights.

To serve people and the community in all segments, we put forth sincere efforts and deliver exceptional results, providing high quality pasta across all brands.

Our mission, vision, competencies and values stated herein below are the guiding principles of our business plan to consistently deliver superior products.


Regina aspires to provide a benchmark in enhancing the quality of food. To accomplish this mission, the company's business model demonstrates firmly its commitment to support communities and protect the environment.


Regina brings joy to households around the world by providing tasty and healthy foods. Building and maintaining customer loyalty is an integral part of the company’s philosophy.


The high quality, sustainable raw products and the processes used in our own milling plant stand as the company’s premier strategic and competitive advantage.


Regina has established a very positive reputation as a premium quality producer in the food industries sector through a set of values based on knowledge, commitment, and innovation.


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