Regina Co for Pasta and Food Industries is a truly global company with a presence in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East and the leader in the pasta market for over a decade. As we aim to further maximize our potential, we recognize the need to focus on key geographical areas and business entities.

The continuous and extensive business growth drives the need to increase our reach to new potential customers with high capabilities towards rapid growth.

This will allow us to further expand our network and capitalize on our competitive advantages to bring greater benefit to the company, as well as our business partners.

In fact, as we welcome new business partners, we will continue to value and strengthen our existing partnerships by working to achieve our common goals, we are confident of attaining higher levels of cooperation than ever before.

Why you should choose Regina Co. as a business partner:

  • Strong and reliable brand name since 1986.
  • Strong production capabilities.
  • Ability to provide a wide variety of shapes and multiple pasta categories.
  • We can produce private label to better serve our customers.
  • Very high efficient customer service & logistics performance to support our customers.
  • Benefiting the advantage of the International trade agreements to serve the markets involved (COMESA, GAFTA, Agadir and EU-Egypt).
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