Corporate Social Responsibility

Regina Company is always keen on achieving social care through its increasing role as a leading company in the food industry. Regina’s strategy is based on the community development, by offering very distinct services and also by helping develop and grow the Egyptian society at large.

Health Services

The safety and health of our customers and workers and everyone involved in the distribution of our products are the main goals for our company, which we do our best to achieve and maintain.

Social Services

Regina takes pride in being one of the companies that commit to the Egyptian society and always aims at connecting through society development, and this reflects on Regina’s social activates and it is being an integral part of the work strategy we have.  This is reflected in the charitable projects and community development initiatives.

Regina’s Activities in The holy month of Ramadan

Regina provides donations every year to associations that work in fund raising, which have access to underprivileged neighborhoods, people with disabilities, and families that need the financial support.

(( Mostafa Mahmoud association | Child Rescue association | Al Nour and Al Amal association | Al Hoda Mosque association | Ahebaa Masr association | Egyptian Society for the care and rehabilitation of the deaf and weak hearing. ))

Safe Driving Campaign

Regina Co. uses its own fleet to reach out to  all Egyptian provinces and help in organizing the safe driving campaigns to ensure the safety and security of all those who use Egyptian roads.

 Blood Donation Campaign

Since 2003, Regina has been organizing blood donation campaigns 4 times a year, in the aim of increasing awareness of the high importance of these blood donations and it’s huge role in saving lives of Egyptian patients.

During the campaign, Regina employees donate their blood to help out the blood banks.  These campaigns helped in meeting all the needs of the National Heart Institute, Ministry of Health, the National Center for Tumors, the National Centers of Blood Transfusion and hospital the Children's Cancer Hospital 57357.

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