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Related Logistics Questions

  • What is the number of packs in the export Carton?
    The Pasta is packed in carton boxes; each contains 20 double layered polypropylene bags.
  • What is the expected lead time for delivery?
    Products will be produced within four to six weeks from receiving acceptable L/C or cash advance in addition to the shipping time required to reach final destination.
  • What is the Container tonnage?
    For the 400gm pack: 1 Ton=125 carton
    Shape Ton Box (8Kg) Bag (400gm)
    Long cut shapes (spaghetti) only. 25.6 3200 64000
    Long cuts & short cut shapes (mixed) 15 1875 37500
    Short cuts only. 10 1250 25000
    For 500gm pack: 1 Ton=100 carton
    Shapes Ton Box (10Kg) Bag (500gm)
    Long cut shapes (spaghetti) only. 27 2700 54000
    Long cuts & short cut shapes (mixed) 15 1500 30000
    Short cuts only. 10 1000 20000
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