Chairman letter

When I first joined Regina in 2002 as a fresh graduate from Boston University with a double major in Finance and Economics, I was both excited about developing the company’s great potential for future growth and concerned about maintaining and expanding the quality standards. Those standards had been at the core of the business since my father, Mr. Montasser Abou Ghali, founded it back in 1986. Whatever business my father had taken on, he had always put quality at the top of its priorities. This company I now lead was not going to be an exception. In Regina, quality surpasses just producing premium pasta products, quality is taken to the maximum by its management, employees, systems and structures, as well as in the services the company provides to local and international clients.

The pillars that sustain all these practices are the employees of Pasta Regina. We are proud to be home to the most skilled, competent and loyal employees in the market. A significant 60% of our upper management have been with us since our inception in 1986, which spreads awareness towards our corporate culture among all employees. We care for our people and we are always keen on investing in our human resources to maintain that golden key-success factor.

As we witness the company grow, our entrepreneurial ethics have adapted to this new phase. We embrace change, yet retain heritage. We are flexible, but comply with corporate processes and values. Our core competencies remain geared towards ensuring the highest quality products and services for our clients in Egypt and around the world.

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