Regina Group Enters A New Partnership With Allianz Life Assurance


Highly-developed companies and organizations need to offer a competitive variety of benefits to their employees through providing packages of flexible and high value benefits to enable such companies and organizations to retain their most talented employees and to attract others. These packages of benefits are tailored to increase the employees’ financial security, spur their motives to work and foster their loyalty to the Company, which in turn will result in creating indispensable stability in the Company.

Regina Group announces its entering into a new partnership with “Allianz Life Assurance – Egypt” for the provision of a collective retirement and life insurance program to its employees. This partnership is achieved, in the framework of the constructive cooperation between these two long-standing entities “Regina Group” and “Allianz Life Assurance – Egypt”.

Engineer Khaled Akl; the Managing Director of Regina Group, in his comment on this partnership, said: “We in Regina” believe that our employees are the most important assets of the Company. Accordingly, we undertake the responsibility for ensuring a dignified life for our employees after the age of retirement”.  He added, “My concern is to provide the best systems of available care to the Company employees whose number has exceeded 1000″.


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