Star Pasta


Star 20packs/ 400gm

Shapes Barcode Number of PacksNet Weight
Spaghetti 1.6mm 622102211102220packsx400gm 8 kg
Small Rings 6mm622102211140420packsx400gm 8 kg
Big Rings 10 mm 622102211142820packsx400gm 8 kg
Penne 10 mm 622102211145920packsx400gm 8 kg
Elbow 622102211151020packsx400gm 8 kg
Vermicelli 622102211128220packsx400gm 8 kg
Rice 622102211133620packsx400gm 8 kg
Shells 622102211152720packsx400gm 8 kg
Snails 622102211153420packsx400gm 8 kg
Star 622102211135020packsx400gm 8 kg
Fusilli 622102211161920packsx400gm 8 kg
Alphabet&Numbers622102211136720packsx400gm 8 kg
Toys 622102211137420packsx400gm 8 kg
Circle 622102211131220packsx400gm 8 kg
Mini Elbow 622102211132920packsx400gm 8 kg
Mini Rings 3mm 622102211130520packsx400gm 8 kg
Lahlouba 622102211167120packsx400gm 8 kg

Star 10packs/ 1Kg

ShapesBarcodeNumber of PacksNet Weight
Spaghetti1.6mm622102222240710packsx1000gm10 Kg
SmallRings6mm622102222242110packsx1000gm10 Kg
Big Rings 10 mm622102222243810packsx1000gm10 Kg
Penne 10 mm622102222245210packsx1000gm10 Kg
Elbow622102222246910packsx1000gm10 Kg
Vermicelli622102222241410packsx1000gm10 Kg
Shells622102222247610packsx1000gm10 Kg
Fusilli622102222248310packsx1000gm10 Kg
Lahlouba622102222244510packsx1000gm10 Kg
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